Alesayi Group foundation was laid by a humble beginning by the establishment of the Textile business by Sheikh Omar Kassem Alesayi in 1945. His initial success as a merchant, combined with a gifted vision to assess the emerging business opportunities in the Kingdom led to a period of phenomenal growth.

The period is underscored by introduction of several new product lines. The group earned a solid reputation through a deep-rooted commitment to traditional values of trust and business ethics.

The founder’s set philosophy led to collaborative ventures with some of the most reputable names in the marketplace; fostering life-long relationships. Today, the group comprises of some 61 companies / subsidiaries; grouped into 6 business sectors which are Real Estate, Consumer & Trading, Manufacturing, Engineering & Technology, Services and Investments.

His vision and business acumen would have been enough to mark him as an extraordinary figure, but what made him truly unique, the quality that places him in the pantheon of modern Saudi Arabia’s greatest contribution, was his humaneness.

His divine soul departed on January 07, 2008 by leaving his legacy & vision to direct and excel “Alesayi Group” on new horizon by giving better living to community and contribute progressively to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s growth.

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