Alesayi Group Vision

“Unify all strong resources and eliminate its weaknesses by creating “Value” through Social Contribution supported by a strong platform of ethical & professional foundation.”

As our defensive strategy we are incorporating these six values concepts, V6 for achieving long lasting competitive advantage:

  1. Value to Our Nation Building
  2. Value to Shareholders
  3. Value to Our Companies
  4. Value to Our Employees
  5. Value to Our Partners
  6. Value to Our Customers

Our offensive strategy for values is based on continuous development and consistently progressive advantage through:

  1. Building a strong Culture
  2. Aiming for Operational Excellence and fast decision making process through:
    • Empowerment
    • Measured Control
    • Prioritization
    • Efficiency
    • Business Development
    • Human Development

Alesayi Groupmission

1. Satisfy the shareholders (Shareholder's Satisfaction - SS) by attaining decent returns and through the establishment of long-lasting assets.

2. Establish a strong Company culture based on Winning Attitude, backed by Hard Work, Teamwork, Loyalty, Trust, and Devotion. (Employee Satisfaction - ES)

3. Build a Group that should manage selected lines of businesses in the most professional & successful manner becoming the market leader in these selected businesses.

4. The Group should always strive to be very focused by unifying most of its functions with value addition to Government vision & its compliance and also by building strong relationship with International Companies for the benefit of each of its stakeholder such as Government, Community, Shareholders, Employees, Partners and Customers etc.

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