Aqarat Real Estate Development Co.

about us

1) Our Vision:

To be pioneer in the sector of real estate development through the placement of diversified estate products serving all social classes.


2) Our Mission:

To provide estate projects of high value and affordable prices, responding to the continuous need for such products, which conforming with our established values and expectations.


3) Our Services:

  • Develop and construct the land, build residential, commercial, service and industrial projects.

  • Economic and marketing feasibility studies for estate projects.

  • Marketing and selling estate projects.

  • Evaluation of installations and assessment of estates.

  • Property management.



4) Our Strategy:

  • Placement of new investment mechanisms. Respond to the needs of the society, adequate for all social classes.

  • Application of modern technologies, building a promising local environment for investment.

  •  Diversify estate investment programs.

  • Following creative implications and methods for estate investment.


5) Our Aims

  • Fundamentalism an ideal model for estate investment combining originality and modernization.
  • Innovate new concepts for estate development combining traditions and modernization
  • Generation of maximum returns from the estate investments.
  • Developing the land as it’s the pillar of real estate wealth.


6) Our Slogan

A continuous success Modernization A continuous seeking of distinction.

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