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National Food Industries Company Limited was established in Jeddah, Saudi arabia in 1993.

The factory is the largest integrated food industry in the Middle East with ultra modern facilities, involved in the processing and packaging of a wide variety of canned products such as Foul Medames, Peas & Beans, Evaporated Milk, Milk Powder, Sterilized Cream, Tomato Paste in Cans & Tetrapak, Peanut Butter in glass and PET jars, & Sweetened Condensed Milk. Shortly, the factory will produce UHT Milk in Tetra packs in various size and flavors.

The factory was built, designed and equipped to meet all international standards within the food industry. With a highly trained operating staff, a sophisticated computerized operation and careful scrutiny at all levels of production by a team of highly skilled quality control staff, the factory has achieved a sustained level of quality performance in the processing of its products over the years

In 1998, the factory was accredited with ISO9001 certification. In the year 2001, it was the first factory in the region to be certified with HCCP and SQF2000, both of which represent achievement in quality performance in the processing and packaging of products.

The factory is also supported by its own can-making facility, which enables it to produce high quality cans, and ends in various sizes together with the facility to print and lacquer. In addition, the factory also has a separate tetra pack line to produce aseptic products.

The factory produces two major brands – Luna and Green Farms. Luna is the more popular brand as it is considered “best value for money”. Green Farms brand is the premium quality product, which caters to the more discerning public. There are also other brands – Al Bustan, Al Hamra, and Rotana which are produced for the Export market.

Over the years, NFIC has increased its turnover of business from around USD 6 million in 1993 to well over USD 170 million in the year 2004. It is expected to exceed USD 200 million in 2006.

In terms of market distribution within the Kingdom, it ranks number one in evaporated milk, accounting for around 40% of the total market share. Likewise in the foul and beans category it accounts for around 60% of the market size and in the tomato paste 70 grams category, it holds the number one position in the region.

The company is one of the leading exporters in the Gulf region where its evaporated milk ranks as number 2 in most locations. It also exports significant quantities of its evaporated milk and foul to West and North Africa. In the year 2005, its total export turnover was over USD 90 million. In 2006, it is expected to be over USD 100 million.

The factory has a total staff of over 1,000 people and is located at the Jeddah Industrial City, phase 5. Its location near the Jeddah/Makkah Highway near the shipping terminal enables it to smoothly handle all import and export transactions both by land and by sea.

With the ever-increasing demand for its products, the company has increased its production capacity by installing new machinery and equipments and is now in a position to entertain increased orders for the export mark.

NATIONAL FOOD is committed to produce for our consumers high quality food products that meet their needs, and that will comply with all Local and International Standards and Regulatory Requirements.

We will ensure consumer’s safety by implementing the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points Systems Standards and SQF 2000 requirements.

We will achieve this by continuously implementing product improvements and staff training to meet the expectations of our consumers.

We will measure our progress and performance through establishing and reviewing the Quality Objectives for continual improvement.


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