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Omar Kassem Alesayi for Textiles is considered one of the pioneers’ of the companies that practice the textiles activity in the kingdom. Its is modest beginnings in the Textile Trade was inaugurated in Makkah in the year 1943. Thereafter, it managed to develop until its branches reached in the kingdom more than (100) branches for selling textiles. This had enabled OK Textiles during the span of this long period to gain wide experience in this field of activity; which made to be in the line of leading companies from the part of the great quality assurance. On the other side, this gained the Textile Company an absolute trustworthiness of its clients. This had increased our obligations and the excellent relationship that its connected with our prestigious clients.

Our distinguished brand of the company is indicated with the two Latin Letters i.e. (OK); that has become standard criteria for world quality and the absolute trust. The Omar Kassem Alesayi Company for textiles is one of the major sales of the textiles in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Thus, the sales outlets that related to the company are deployed everywhere throughout the area markets and the bigger commercial centers.

The prevailing production line forms one of its unique individual lines. Moreover, the product is the top sophisticated quality that attracts the public taste. The benefits that fortunately, entails with the Alesayi’s Textile for being free from shrinkage and being free from any harmful manufacturing goods to the human skin. OK Textiles focuses on the natural materials. Furthermore, Alesayi Textiles Company an Exclusive Agent for more than (70) company and international factories for the production of superb textiles from European countries as well as Japan; Korean and other Eastern Asian countries.

The future objective of the company is to safe-keep the excellent relationship with our clients. In addition to, the expansion of the company outside the kingdom to cover all the Gulf Council Countries and other Arab States, as well.

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