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Over (65) years ago, Omar Kassem Alesayi emerged as a leading entrepreneur in the Arabian Peninsula. It was his foresight in realizing the potential growth of Saudi Arabia that led to the creation of (61) highly diversified companies that made up Omar K. Alesayi Group today.

Omar K. Alesayi Markting was established In 1979.

OKAM today is a leading company in the distribution of consumer food products including food grains and pulses and a major importer & distributor of branded American rice, Basmati rice from India & Pakistan as well as camolino rice from Egypt. It also distributes beans, lentils & consumer packed food items like canned Tuna Fish, Olives in oil & brine, Olive Oil, instant Full Cream Milk Powder and other numerous canned and tetra-packed consumer food products.

Stringent quality control being the prime objective of the group's business operation, OKAM has a strict policy of sourcing and selling the highest quality products and constantly seeking new avenues to improve standards and consumer satisfaction levels.

like a true market leader, OKAM is constantly exploring innovative and value added products that will fulfill consumer demands for consistently higher quality standard for this rapidly growing Middle East food market and ever-changing consumer habits.

Investment ActivitiesThe company is a leading investor in the FMCG companies.The company now comprises six dynamic Manufacturing & Logistics service companies, viz National Biscuit & Confectionery Co. Ltd. (NBCC), United Carton Industries Co. Ltd. (UCIC) ,National Food Industries Co. Ltd. (NFIC), AI Tawfiq Co. for Plastic & Woven Sacks Ind. Ltd. (APWS) and United Feed Co. (UFC) for animal feed grain as well as United Warehouse Co. (UWC), an ultra modern 3'd party warehouse & logistic operation for both dry & wet products. manufacturing units produce & market various FMCG food products for local and import markets ranging from Biscuits, Wafers, Potato Chips and Snacks by NBCC. Evaporated Milk, Full Cream Milk Powder, Flavoured Milk, Milk Cream, Tomato Paste, Canned Peas & Beans and Peanut Butter by NFIC. A wide range of corrugated packaging products by UCIC, Polypropylene Woven Sacks of different types and application purposes by APWS.

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