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Alesayi United Company – Dubai is a division of Alesayi Group of Companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Alesayi United Company – Dubai has been a part of the Video Gaming Industry since 1992. The company deals with Marketing and Distribution of video games products and offers a variety of Hardware, Software and Accessories for the following major platforms.

  • Sony Play Station 2, 3 & PSP
  • Nintendo Wii, DS Lite and DSi
  • Microsoft Xbox 360
  • And PC CD Rom Games

Alesayi United Company is considered as one of the largest distributors of video games products in the Gulf Region.

  • From its’ warehousing facilities in Jebel Ali Freezone-Dubai, the company is catering mainly to the U.A.E. market and other Gulf Countries
  • has the experienced staff and the know how with more than 17 years experience in the video games business
  • provides services to a large customer base and network of dealers across the Gulf, customers ranging from large industry leaders to small retail stores around the GCC countries with equal value and excellence
  • the company is committed to provide the best service, competitive prices and huge selection of games

Alesayi United Company – Dubai is proud to be the pioneers of the video games business in the Gulf Region and is an important part of the Home Entertainment Industry. The company continues to look ahead and are constantly exploring new opportunities within the industry.

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