MVPI Program

During the mid 70's Saudi Arabia experienced a phenomenal growth rate of registered road vehicles, which is precedent in modern history. There was a rapid rise in the number of accidents and fatalities, apart from a rise in the pollution level because of exhaust emissions. In response to this phenomenon, apart from other safety measures, the concept of Motor Vehicles Periodic Inspection was instituted.

The MVPI Program was launched by the Alesayi Group under the auspices of the General Traffic Directorate (Ministry of Interior) in 1986. Over the following 2 years a comprehensive network of fully integrated / computerized inspection centers was established in all population centers in the Kingdom.

MVPI today is a ISO-9002 Certified organization, employing a workforce of +600. It has been internationally acknowledged as one of the most modern of its kind. The key to success is a 3-Tier Integration of inspection machinery with the regulatory and management processes. MVPI boasts once one of the best ERP environments and an extensive WAN (Wide Area Networking) Architecture.

MVPI has been successful in major in-house development / upgrades of its processes through prudent R&D investments over the years. Its systems, processes and training programs have been optimized for the unique operating conditions in the Middle East. Several collaborative technology transfer programs have been instituted with several nations in the Middle East.

MVPI operates the only "Vehicles Inspection Technology Training Institute" in the Middle East. It offers about 20 unique Training modules for managers, technicians, vehicle inspectors and related professionals.

Some of the unique features of the MVPI Inspection System are as follows:

  • Fully Computerized Inspection Lanes can inspect up to 4 vehicles simultaneously, ensuring a throughput of about 35 vehicles per hour.
  • The MVPI Stations are sized to the traffic density in the area. They range in capacity from 1 -10 lanes. All stations regardless of their size and location offer the same consistent level of service.
  • The system is designed for Real Time Data Interchange with the Traffic Licensing Authorities.
  • Modular design of the system ensures easy adaptability to different climatic, cultural and regulatory environment.
  • The modular process can be interfaced with related procedures for insurance, type certification etc.

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