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We are OMAR K. ALESAYI & CO. LTD –HEAVY & AGRICULTURAL EQUIPMENTS DIVISION, Member of OMAR K. ALESAYI GROUP, one amongst the most prominent business-houses in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It has various activities which include commercial, industrial and real estate fields, inside and outside the kingdom.

THE HEAVY AND AGRICULTURAL EQUIPMENTS DIVISION which has more than 30 years of experience under its belt has a lead on commercial activities that contributed actively in the large building boom witnessed by the kingdom through provision of top quality heavy-duty construction equipment that acquired the confidence of all people.

In this framework, OMAR K. ALESAYI & CO. LTD. Is proud of representing a Pokey of the most important international construction equipments factories, who themselves represent well-known global icons such as Japanese MITSUBISHI FORKLIFT TRUCKS,HITACHI EXCAVATORS AND WHEEL LOADERS, FURUKAWA BREAKERS and CRAWLER DRILLS.

These outstanding equipments played an active role in the process of construction and developing the infrastructure of the kingdom such as construction of roads, laying pipes, leveling lands and provision of electric power kingdom-wide efficiently and powerfully.

As OMAR K. ALESAYI & CO. LTD. Extends its compliments to its all customers in the kingdom for their permanent and persistent confidence in it and its high quality products as well, it would express its strong keen to develop its services to its honorable customers by providing the market with new carefully selected products that would cope with nature of hard works assigned to them in the hot weather conditions.

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