National Biscuits and Confectionery Co.Ltd.

NBCC was established in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in 1987. NBCC has started with one production line of biscuits. However, today our organization has more than 15 production lines to meet the largest of demand and employs a workforce of about 1000 employees.

The company benefits from a state of the art infrastructure with highly automated production facilities where the most advanced technologies are used. To guarantee the best quality, the finest raw materials are purchased worldwide from approved reputable suppliers only. The philosophy of NBCC is to provide the consumers with value for money as well as consistent quality products. The success and growth of the company is rooted in constant innovation combined with quick, flexible response to consumer and customer demands.

The products manufactured by NBCC can be grouped into biscuits, wafers, Mamoul & Salty snacks. Each of these three categories encompasses a large variety of tastes, shapes, flavours and packings. The plain biscuits group includes sweet as well as salted crackers. The cream biscuits come in round and rectangular shape, sandwich biscuits filled with wonderfully tasting smooth creams in large variety of tastes and flavours. Mamoul is a traditional Arabic specialty cookie filled with the finest Saudi dates. Rolled wafers are spiral patterned hollow wafers with chocolate or fruit flavor cream filling that are available in bite size pieces and enrobed with a delicious chocolate cream. The flat wafer segment offers different sizes that include various cream fillings, toppings and chocolate coating. NBCC produces a Salted Snack range, which includes real potato chips, extruded corn snacks and popcorn. The products in this group are available in different shapes, tastes, flavours and packings.

NBCC maintains an absolute commitment to the highest possible quality. This is a main factor for the company’s success in obtaining the ISO 9001, HACCP system and SASO (Saudi Quality Mark). NBCC is totally committed to support its customers and distributors and views them as partners in progress. The company has vast experience in brand building in a divers range of markets. As a result, our products have reached as far as Europe, Africa, Australia, Japan, USA, Canada in addition to the Middle East.

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