Alesayi Development Company (ADCO) is a subsidiary of the Omar Kassem Alesayi Group, with seven decades of high-quality business operations in Saudi Arabia. ADCO’s mission is “To deliver new homes quickly in large-scale housing projects, with an unbeatable level of quality for the price with outstanding customer service support, and to offer unrivaled community development.”.

What we do:

ADCO is an all-inclusive “one-stop shop”, offering outstanding international and local expertise in land ownership, development, construction, sales, marketing, financing and after-sales services under a single roof, providing rigorously-tested, high-quality and surprisingly-affordable homes.

Why Choose Us:

Reputation -The Alesayi name is widely-associated with excellence and dependability

Affordability - ADCO offers affordable homes with the quality of higher-priced ones

International Expertise - ADCO executives have experience in many leading countries

Quality - ADCO’s quality is widely recognized as unmatched at its price points

Customer Service - ADCO is here today and here tomorrow, with its own service team

Some of Projects in-progress/under study by ADCO

Ministry of Housing Projects:

ADCO has developed a Public Private Partnership (PPP) to sell, develop and build Apartments in 3 different projects of Ministry of Housing in Jeddah & Madinah

These projects are located in Strategic locations on:

  • Jeddah Airport (North)
  • Jeddah Prince Fawaz (South)
  • Madinah Al Munnawarah (Near Haram)

Obhur Gate:

  • The Project land has an area of 19,553 m2 (as per Krooki) with close proximity to Battarjee College in Obhur.
  • The concept is to develop around 52 units of premium villa of 468 m2 BUA (built up area) and 5 units of the standard villa of 250 m2 BUA (built up area)
  • The project exactly fits ADCO strategy of buffer small scale project allowing work force management optimization as well as good profitability.

Print Land:

  • The Project land is located at equidistance of Dhahban and Obhur gate and has an area of 316,739 m2 (as per Krooki)
  • The project propose to respond to the high demand of the Jeddah population by developing 1,000 units comprising of Duplex houses, Apartments and a new concept of Quadruplex at prices reachable by the lower and medium middle class.
  • The Project land situation in fast moving area of North Jeddah & on Madinah road, close to strong demand generators, the speed and quality of construction associated with a community concept, facilities like STP and water, commercials, etc. are all additional factors reinforcing the strength of this project and the low risk it represents.

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