Real Estate & Property Development

Alesayi offers a “One Stop Real Estate Solution” and creates competitive advantages to help serve its clients investment objectives through its people.

Alesayi strongly believes in the Saudi Arabia’s economy and prospects and shares the view that this is an opportune moment to undertake selective real estate development programs and capitalize on current markets opportunities.

Alesayi Real Estate Group is considered as one of the leading real estate organizations in Saudi Arabia; manages today a multi billion dollars real estate portfolio, developed more than 200 million m2 of raw land, built multiple hundreds of housing projects units, currently developing Commercial & Residential towers, and financed through instalments more than $150 million worth of, a huge portfolio of lots, apartments and villas.

ARG provides a wide range of products and services within the real estate sector such as:

  • Land Trading Portfolio Management
  • Master Planning
  • Land Development
  • Residential & Commercial Towers projects
  • Villas & Apartment Buildings
  • Property management
  • Installment services
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