Omar Kassem Alesayi Marketing Co. Ltd was established in 1979, and it is considered as the leading Group in the distribution of consumer food products including food grains and pulses and a major importer & distributor of branded American rice, Basmati rice from India & Pakistan as well as Camolino rice from Egypt. The company also distributes beans, lentils and consumer packed food items like canned Tuna fish, Olives in oil & brine, Olive oil, instant full cream milk powder and other numerous canned and tetra-packed consumer food products.

The Company comprises of following five dynamic manufacturing & logistics service companies:

1. National Biscuit & Confectionary Col Ltd. [NBCC]:
NBCC was established in 1987 with one production line of biscuits. Today NBCC has more than 15 production lines and employs a workforce of about 1,000 employees. The company benefits from state of the art infrastructure with highly automated production facilities where the most advanced technologies are used. The products manufactured by NBCC can be grouped into biscuits, wafers, Date bars & salty snacks. NBCC maintains an absolute commitment to the highest possible quality. This is a main factor for the company’s success in obtaining the ISO-9001, HACCP and SASO quality marks.

2. United Carton Industries Company [UCIC]:
UCIC was established in 1990 and is a leading corrugated packing supplier in the Middle East. UCIC is ISO9001:2000, ISO-14001, OHSAS18001 accredited company producing a diverse range of packaging products including; corrugated boxes, Points of Sales [POS] material, readymade shelves, high graphic standard, decorative boxes. UCIC has a manufacturing capacity of 265,000 metric tons per annum. UCIC has three state of art manufacturing facilities catering – 2 in Jeddah and 1 in Riyadh. Adhering to a strong commitment to the environment, UCIC has strategic agreements with re-cycled paper suppliers around the world.

3. National Food Industries Company [NFIC]:
NFIC is the largest integrated canned food processing factory in the Middle East accredited with ISO9001:2000, HACCP and Safe Quality Food certification. The factory produces a wide range of products like Evaporated milk, instant FCMP long life milk, cream, pulses, Tomato paste, Peanut butter, Juices in tetra packs, Ice coffee, cheeses and related food items in cans and tetra packs. Products manufactured at NFIC are sold all over the Middle East, West & North Africa and certain countries in Latin America and Europe. The company’s leading branch “Luna” was awarded the “Best Canned Food of the year (2007)” by Middle East News – Dubai. NFIC was also awarded by Gulf Co-operation Council’s Best Industrial Organization committed to Environment Standards” for the years 2005 & 2006.

4. Al Tawfiq Company for Plastics & Woven Sacks Industries Ltd. [APWS]:
APWS is a limited liability company specialized in the production of Polypropylene woven sacks with or without Polyethylene liner, laminated bag and valve bags for packing Cement. Al Tawfiq is the biggest factory in the western region of the KSA with a capacity of 150 million [of the standard 50kgs. Capacity] bags per annum. Products manufactured at APWS are sold not in the Middle East but also in USA, Canada & Europe. Sacks manufactured by APWS are UV stabilized and anti-skid treated.

5. United Feed Company [UFC]:
UFC was established in 1983 for import of animal feed barley in bulk with facilities to convert into 50 kgs bags at its own storage and bagging facilities situated in strategic locations serving the needs of livestock farmers and dairy farms throughout the country. UFC is the one and only group which has storage & bagging facilities in all the port cities of KSA and even maintains its own discharge facilities at Giza and Diba ports for its imports. UFC’s facilities throughout the country handle over 3 million tons of feed barley per annum with its most modern handling, storage and baggage facilities of international standards.

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