Engineering & Technology

Alesayi Group with its combined multi-industry expertise , revolve the power of its engineering solutions services and products around the market future needs.

With its cross-infrastructure insight to its clients business requirements and needs, Alesayi connect the dots between its clients multiple technologies and their strategies with uniquely interlinked and comprehensive solutions , taking into consideration that all clients regardless of their business sectors have unique requirements that are varied as their products and services , but they share one thing in common “Strict Quality Standards” in their suppliers and service providers .

Alesayi Group through its specialized companies provide unique and wide range of Engineering Solutions products and Services which covers:

  • Information and Communication Engineering.
  • Motors & Vehicles Inspection.
  • Professional Construction Heavy Equipments and Agriculture Machineries.
  • Industrial and Civil elevating equipments and systems , electrical equipments , parts and services.
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