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in the auction in Makah

Located in Um-alqura Street, only 4 meters away from The Grand Mosque.

Aqaraat Development Company belongs to one of Omar Qasim Alesayie holding companies, and it has announced that it will be providing pieces of land for sale in Alhamraa/Makah in the auction from the beginning of December.

These 600 pieces of land could be used for multiple purposes such as residential purposes, or commercial purposes, or even service and investment purposes, and it is all due to the fact that the real-estate market is growing and maturing with the support of the government programs for individuals and real-estate developers, in addition to the fact that those pieces of land are located in a very strategic place where there is true real-estate investment growth as well as it being in a main district.

Eng.Abdulhadi Alrashidi, the general manager of the company also states that the location could not be more perfect for it penetrates the third ring road (the first highway is linked with The Grand Mosque directly) and it also falls on the old Makah/Jeddah rout.

He also clarified that the location is surrounded by luxurious districts and malls, as well as main roads that are busy and well known such as siteen street, Um-alqura street, and King Abdulaziz street which is close to the main train station in Makah and very adjacent to Alrabwa and Makah housing solutions.

Eng.Alrashidi also added that many of those pieces of land are densely populated and that they provide all services, indicating that they feature spacious streets (15 meters, 20 meters, 25 meters, 30 meters, 50 meters) with an average space of 500 m2 to 1000 m2. He also pointed out that the system of internal constructions cover 4 story buildings with an extension spot, while on the main road they obey the system of axes with 8,10,12 story buildings. Furthermore, the percentage of ground floor construction is 65% while construction on higher stories are 75%, he also assured that all needs are available such as water supply, electricity, sewerage, telephone wiring and asphalting.  Not only that but it also carries other facilities such as mosques, schools, malls, dispensaries, parking lots and governmental facilities, it is the perfect solution to the requests of many investors and individuals who wish to take advantage of the housing. 

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