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Circle K (BMC)

The grand opening of Circle K in Batterjee Medical College at Prince Abdullah AlFiasal St, Obhur Al-Shamaliyah, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on September 25, 2017 is a special and important milestone in the growth of Circle K brand locally in Saudi Arabia as well as the Circle K brand internationally.

In just a year span, Circle K has been developing itself in all business angles, to bring the most convenience at the best value to the customers. Circle K has been increasing number of stores, widening its range of products, services and food services, providing faster and more friendly service. Circle K also uses different business models to serve different target customers with a sole mission which is to create an exciting, pleasant and safe shopping environment for customers.

Circle K not only is young, modern, dynamic, easy and convenient in use but also has a smart and caring sense of humor and trendy atmosphere from outside to inside the stores. Circle K provides a wide range of the genuine and quality products/services and unique food services being sold at affordable prices. Customers can enjoy fast, tidy and friendly services in a safe environment especially with big sitting area. Thanks to these reasons, Circle K has become a destination of customers at all ages, genders and nationalities from young people to elderly people, from office staff to housewives, from very local nationals to expatriates and backpackers travelers.

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