Founded in West Palm Beach, Florida USA, award winning Sloan's Ice Cream is the ultimate desert destination where everything is “Made in Wonderland!”.

Introduced in Saudi Arabia by Alesayi Retail in 2018, the globally renowned ice cream brand has become a huge success in the region with plans to open additional stores in the coming years. 

Sloan’s captures the senses in a dessert fantasyland with a wide array of ice cream, chocolate, candy, cake and gift options in a colorful, extraordinary and fantastic store design.  Sloan’s homemade ice creams are produced with authentic ingredients and served in freshly baked waffle cones. Birthday parties, canvas painting for kids, school tours, daily offers top the fun at Sloan’s while online delivery services deliver on convenience. 

Sloan’s is available at the Red Sea Mall, Aziz Mall and Mall of Arabia in Jeddah and Riyadh Park in Riyadh. 

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