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Consumer & Trading

Omar Kassem Alesayi Group’s Consumer and Trading portfolio is built on providing an excellent portfolio of products alongside the highest standards of service for clients and consumers. Over time, the company has invested heavily in the acquisition and development of consumer concepts and services to exceed the demands of consumer and market requirements. Omar Kassem Alesayi Group’s portfolio ranges from automotive, transportation, electrical products, cabling systems and consumer goods. The Group continuously seeks to expand its portfolio with opportunities that provide a variety of products and services through partnerships, complementary offerings, and relevant innovations.


> 78 years of experience

More than 78 years of experience in the fabric and fashion industry

Global Reach & Partnerships

Franchise and Partnership activities from the USA & MENA region countries

> 186 Projects

Developed more than 186 Project Plans for the year in the Fashion, Fitness and Food& Beverage divisions

Equipped >30 gym
Designed >150 gym

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