Established in 2015 Alesayi Retail Company “ARCO’ specialize across Franchising, Retail Management and establishing strong regional and international Retail Partnerships. 

The company has built a solid foundation within the region and is known for fostering local and International brands. 

Fresh, modern and relevant, Alesayi Retail, is constantly evolving it product and services portfolio to reflect the demands and lifestyle of its customers and communities.

Operating in multiple sectors including Fashion, Food, Leisure and Entertainment and Hospitality ARCO is united by a commitment in line with Vision 2030, authentically delivering great customer service and brand experiences across Saudi Arabia, 

Some of the portfolio brands within the Alesayi Retail Company include Omar Kassem Al-Esayi Textiles Co. Ltd Sloan’s Circle K and FitHub. 

By blending its Middle East expertise, with a deep understanding of the local customers and intimate knowledge of retail, the group is dedicated to make every customer experience unforgettable.

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